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First the damaged area is cleanly removed.

A matching piece is then cut from another rug and attached.

Yarn is color-matched so that the joints are seamless, making your rug look like new.


Reweaving a rug begins with replacing the foundation’s strings, which are needed in order to weave replacement knots.

Once the foundation is woven, color-matched yarn is knotted one knot at a time in the rug’s original pattern.

Loose strands are then cut, and the damage is gone!

Color Bleeding & Correction

Floods, spills, or improperly cleaning a rug can all result in color bleeding.

Depending on the extent of the damage, Khalil uses various techniques including painting, reweaving, and washing to restore a rug’s original color patterns.

Example of color bleeding on a Tabriz rug caused by flooding.

Moth Damage

Moths love to eat wool and can cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage in a few short weeks.

Reweaving is required to fix damaged areas.

Moth-proofing with our insecticide-free solution guarantees your rug will be safe from moth damage.

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