Khalil’s Oriental Rug Workshop

Let us restore your rug’s natural beauty. 


Point of Pride

Looking at a handmade oriental rug is like peeking through an open door into a world of wonder – wonder of workmanship, beauty, and value. It is an art piece that will increase in value with the passage of time, providing it has been taken care of and maintained properly and regularly.


A professional in restoration of rugs is someone that draws his or her gratitude from the knowledge that a fine handmade rug’s life has been extended for the future generation.


Our Services

If you think your rug is beyond repair, ask Khalil first!

He can repair almost any damage to your rug, including:


Specialised Hand Cleaning

Antique Rug Restoration

Stain Removal


World Class Rug Services

While your precious oriental rug complements the elegance of your home, it also becomes home to dust, dirt, and grit. The abuse could cause deterioration in your rug if left unattended for long. Annual cleaning prolongs the life of your investment.

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Let us restore your rug’s natural beauty.


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